What’s the process for hiring an SIBCR employee?

Bringing a new employee on board at SIBCR is not only critical in filling a necessary function on your team, but it is critical in setting your new team member up for success.  The HR team is here to partner with our hiring managers in making sure that we are bringing in the best and brightest candidates to SIBCR as well as creating a great and engaging experience from the start.


If you have an opening on your team, please contact SIBCR HR as soon as possible to start the process by completing the appropriate paperwork and receiving the correct approvals.  Once the initial paperwork and approvals have been received, SIBCR HR will meet with the hiring manager in a recruiting strategy meeting to discuss the opening, place the job advertisement and put together the interview guides. 


SIBCR will forward all resumes to the hiring manager for review.  The hiring manager will then select the top 4-5 qualified candidates.  SIBCR HR is available to assist with phone interviews and prescreening of potential candidates, if desired.  The hiring manager will determine an interview team and set up the in person interviews and use the interview guide developed in the recruiting strategy meeting.


Once the top candidate has been selected, the hiring manager must meet with SIBCR HR prior to making an offer to the selected candidate.  HR will send out the appropriate pre-hire paperwork for the new employee to complete.  HR will also set up the VA WoC fingerprinting and badge appointments for the new employee.


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get this process started. We look forward to partnering with you in the recruitment and selection process as we grow our SIBCR team!


What new candidates have to be credentialed?

All physicians’ assistants, ARNPs, social workers, pharmacists and dieticians must be credentialed by the VA before the applicant can start working. Any credentialed employee must be re-credentialed every two years. Please contact SIBCR HR for more information.


What’s the process for giving an SIBCR employee a raise?

Every month SIBCR HR sends out an email notice advising the supervisor of an upcoming SIBCR employee anniversary. If you wish to give your employee a raise, please complete the Employee Change Form, sign and date it with your employee, then email or fax the form to SIBCR HR. All raises MUST be approved by SIBCR prior to notifying the employee. Please allow sufficient time to process your request. Once the raise is approved, the employee is notified and signs/dates the Employee Change Form.


I have a performance issue with an SIBCR employee. Can HR help me?

Please contact the HR Manager to discuss any employee performance issue. Together we can work on the issue with the employee. Sometimes an employee has exterior stressors that affect performance on the job and it’s usually temporary. It is very important to follow proper procedure and the HR Manager can help with that.


How do I find out how much sick or vacation leave an employee has?

SIBCR HR can help you determine the sick and/or vacation leave balances for your employees. We can also provide a monthly balance sheet for you after each payroll. Contact SIBCR HR for more information.


I am not familiar with FMLA leave or the other mandated leave laws. Can HR help?

Yes, SIBCR HR can help with any leave questions you have either by email, phone or in person. We can help you figure out and plan for an extended employee absence. There are several leave laws that can affect your department, so if you are not sure, please contact us for clarification.


Employee time sheets – when to sign?

Each month employees complete their time sheet and their supervisor signs and dates it before turning it in to SIBCR payroll. If time sheets are due and the supervisor is not available for signature, please have your SIBCR employee(s) turn in their time sheet without your signature. Payroll will have you sign and date upon your return. If there is a time discrepancy it will be documented then corrected on the next payroll. Please be sure that hourly employees complete the non-exempt time sheet and that salaried employees complete the exempt time sheet. If an employee completes a time sheet in error, payroll will require resubmission of a corrected form.



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