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Travel to a European Union Country, Norway and Iceland

According to the Open Skies agreement between the U.S. and European Union (EU) countries, Norway or Iceland, you may fly on any EU airline but ONLY when:

  • Travel is NOT funded by U.S. DOD (Department of Defense) or U.S. Military, AND
  • Flight touches down in an EU country, Norway or Iceland

For example, you are flying from...

  • Frankfurt (E.U.) –> San Francisco (U.S.)
  • San Francisco (U.S.) –> Paris (EU)
  • Dublin (EU) –> NYC (U.S.) –> Vancouver (Non-U.S./Non-EU country)
  • Mexico City (Non-U.S./Non-EU country) –> NYC (U.S.) –> Madrid (EU)
  • Cleveland (U.S.) –> Montreal (Non-U.S./Non-EU country) –> Barcelona (EU)
  • Vienna (EU) –> Toronto (Non-U.S./Non-EU country) –> Denver (U.S.)
  • Istanbul (Non-U.S./Non-EU country) –> Amsterdam (EU) –> Memphis (U.S.)
  • Orlando (U.S.) –> London (EU) –> Moscow (Non-U.S./Non-EU country)
  • Washington DC (U.S.) –> Sarajevo (ECAA - European Common Aviation Area)
  • Belgrade (ECAA - European Common Aviation Area) –> Washington DC (U.S.)

When both conditions are met, your may travel on any of the following airlines:

  • U.S. flag airlines
  • Austrian (Austria)
  • Brussels Airlines (Belgium)
  • Cyprus Airways (Cyprus)
  • Czech Airlines (Czech Republic)
  • Finnair (Finland)
  • Air France (France)
  • Air Berlin (Germany)
  • Lufthansa (Germany)
  • British Airways (Great Britain)
  • British Midland International (Great Britain)
  • Virgin Atlantic (Great Britain)
  • Aegean Airlines (Greece)
  • Olympic Air (Greece)
  • Malev Hungarian Airlines (Hungary)
  • Icelandair (Iceland)
  • Alitalia (Italy)
  • airBaltic (Latvia)
  • Luxair (Luxembourg)
  • Air Malta (Malta)
  • KLM (The Netherlands)
  • LOT Polish Airlines (Poland)
  • TAP Portugal (Portugal)
  • TAROM (Romania)
  • Adria Airways (Slovinia)
  • Iberia (Spain)
  • SAS (Sweden)

This is not a complete list, but covers most common EU airlines.