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Travel to Switzerland

According to the Open Skies agreement between the U.S. and Switzerland, you may fly on any Swiss airline but ONLY when:

  • Travel is NOT funded by U.S. DOD (Department of Defense) or U.S. Military, AND
  • U.S. government DOES NOT have a published airfare rate for your travel route (City-Pair Agreement)

The GSA's City Pair Program offers government negotiated fares for flights between certain cities. If a city-pair agreement is in effect, you may not claim an Open Skies exception and must fly on a US flag carrier or US code share carrier.

Check Airfares City-Pair Search before booking flights to determine if a city-pair agreement is in effect. After entering your departure and arrival cities, the search tool will either display the city pair agreement fares, or will report "There are no awards for the requested city-pair," in which case the Open Skies Exemption can be used.

When both conditions are met, your may travel on any of the following airlines:

  • U.S. flag airlines
  • Swiss International