Closeout requirements and reporting due dates vary by sponsor and often the best resource is found directly on the sponsor’s website. Please Note: All final purchases at the end of a project must adhere to the SIBCR purchasing policy found here. SIBCR grant administrators are available to answer questions regarding the myriad grant requirements.


SIBCR generates a final budget report for PIs to review to ensure that an internal review occurs before officially closing a grant with the sponsor. In conjunction with the SIBCR accounting staff and an authorized signing official, SIBCR grants administration reviews and submits the reports to the sponsor(s). Sponsor requirements vary, but most sponsors require both a final program report and a final budget report within a specific time frame after the grant ends.


For NIH grants, the required closeout reports include:



For the NIH and other federal sponsors, inventions must be reported as soon as they are originally conceived or first reduced to practice.  Read more in our Invention Disclosure section.


For awards under SNAP, these reports are due within 90 days of the end of the project period. For non-SNAP awards, these reports are due within 90 days after the close of the budget period. More detail on NIH closeout requirements can be found in Chapter 8.6 of the NIH Grants Policy Statement.



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