All SIBCR members are Dual Appointment Personnel (DAP) who hold joint appointments with VAPSHCS and UW. Their inventions fall under the Cooperative Technology Administration Agreement (CTAA) between the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and UW.


There is an official process for filing disclosures. At the VA, the R&D office must review disclosures and submit them to the VA Technology Transfer Program.


The University of Washington Center for Commercialization oversees patent disclosures.


SIBCR must be notified at the time of disclosure to either the VA and/or UW if SIBCR is the grantee institution on a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement under which the invention was conceived or first actually reduced to practice. This disclosure must be in accordance with the guidelines set forth in VA and UW policy (see website links above). SIBCR is responsible for reporting the disclosure to a federal sponsor within 60 days.  The PI must provide SIBCR with any relevant information required by the federal sponsor. At a minimum, federal sponsors will require the following information:

  • Name of the inventor(s)
  • Grant number
  • Date of any public disclosure
  • A written description of the invention with technical details
  • A description of SIBCR and our role. For example: As a nonprofit membership organization incorporated under 38 USC § 7361-7366, SIBCR neither acquires nor retains any intellectual property rights and therefore does not have any obligation to participate in the reporting, filing, or prosecution of patents. We are submitting this notification to fulfill our obligation as the prime awardee under the NIH Grants Policy Statement. Within 90 days of the end of the project period we will submit a Final Invention Statement and Certification that also discloses this invention.

This information will be submitted to the federal sponsor via an Invention Disclosure Form through the iEdison system. 


Basic instructions are in NIH Grants Policy Statement §8.2.4 on Patents and Inventions, which provides a summary of 37 CFR part 401.14(a)(2) and 401.14(c)(1).


SIBCR employees must sign a VA-WoC Appointee Intellectual Property Agreement and follow guidelines set forth in the VHA Intellectual Property Handbook 1200.18 found here.



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