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Memberships and dues are generally not allowable expenses through SIBCR. There are certain conditions that may allow memberships to be paid/reimbursed through SIBCR. Professional societies that are general in nature and not specialty driven are not allowable expenses.

For research-oriented memberships, the organization must have a research focus demonstrated by provision of a research journal(s) and/or scientific meetings. Payment of such memberships is predicated on the membership providing a journal or other subscription that would be at a much higher cost to non-members (possibly in excess of the total membership) if purchased separately. In some cases, an organization’s journals are not available to non-members. Alternatively, a relevant research membership may provide access to the annual research meeting at a significantly reduced rate, and so justify membership as the prudent business decision.

Expenses related to professional licensure (annual fees, board certification courses, etc.) are not allowable.

Educational memberships/subscriptions without research relevance will need approval from the designated VAPSHCS education committee.

Educational subscriptions must show a benefit to VA or SIBCR employees or to VA patients.

Subscriptions must indicate a business, not a residential address for delivery.

If the subscription rate or annual meeting costs are not sufficiently reduced, SIBCR may not pay for the memberships.

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