Please contact a grants administrator for questions about initiating a Personnel Agreement.




SIBCR and UW collaborate frequently on research projects that may be administered by either of the two institutions. To facilitate managing the flow of funds for personnel costs, SIBCR and the UW use Joint Personnel Agreements (JPAs). The two institutions have signed a Master Agreement to define the terms under which a JPA may be used. The JPA mechanism may be used to reimburse for salary only. More specific details can be found in the Master Agreement below. If the collaboration involves the use of resources such as lab and/or clinical space, regular subaward procedures apply.


The cost of a JPA includes a 10% administration fee (up to $5,000 per year) whether it is an SIBCR or UW administered grant.


Joint Personnel Agreement Template




SIBCR and VAPSHCS collaborate frequently on research projects. To reimburse each of the institutions for personnel costs, the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) rules and processes must be followed. There is no administration fee associated with IPAs. However, there are very strict rules on the use of IPAs. In addition, when an SIBCR employee is on an IPA, there must be a benefit to SIBCR.  IPAs are reviewed by VA counsel and must state a benefit to both parties.


IPAs take at least 90 days to process at VAPSHCS and therefore should be initiated 120 days before the start date of the IPA. Please contact your grant manager to start the approval process.


SIBCR accounting staff members monitor accounts payable and receivable associated with personnel agreements. If there are issues with these functions, a grant administrator may assist in resolving them.


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